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Ancova Farm Haflingers – Ancova Farm has been breeding Haflinger horses in NZ since 2003. The friendly Haflinger combines the charm of the Arabian horse, the surefootedness of a mountain pony and the rideability of a Warmblood. Their kind temperament may render them the perfect choice for you.

Canterbury Horse & Pony Breeders Society

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Arkley Haflinger Stud:
Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association


American Haflinger Registry:
Canadian Haflinger Association:
Dansk Tyroler-Haflingeravl:  NB:- in Danish only
Equiworld – the Haflinger:
Fohlenhof Ebbs, Haflinger Horse Breeders Association of Tyrol, The World Haflinger Federation:
The Haflinger Horse Community
The Haflinger Society of Great Britain:
Western Haflinger Association
World Haflinger Breeding and Sports Federation