Hi my name is: Amberg

I live in: Loburn Rangiora

My human is Anu… though I also see Vidhi and Bianca in the breeding season when they bring me my mares

My job is: Breeding Stallion!  I was ridden for a while but honestly… round and round the arena… what’s the fun in it? I would have liked to go out and about better, but then Bianca thought I might get distracted by pretty fillies… well there’s a chance

What I like: Breeding season of course… and eating

What really bugs me: the electric tape in my paddock – the humans call it strip grazing… I learned how to jump it so the humans put up an extra high double tape… now I have trained my favourite human Anu to give me food whenever I look at him. Vidhi says I am getting too fat… but Anu loves me