My name is: Reflection though most people just call me Flec

I live at Ancova Farm

My Human is: Vidhi and Bianca

My job is: to be a broodmare

I came from Australia quite recently and arrived in the worst winter storm ever! I was so not impressed; the travel brochures of New Zealand all promised a temperate climate. Well luckily I could wait the storm out in the stables! I even had my foal in the stables a few weeks later. Although I have a dislike of foul weather I am otherwise quite easy going. I fit into the herd without causing a fuss and Vidhi always says that I am very polite. I try and raise my foals to have good manners too.

I love my foals, steady company a warm stable and a good paddock full of grass

What really bugs me: less than ideal weather and nasty wet paddocks – brrr!