Hi my name is: Ladida though everyone calls me Lady

I live in: Loburn Rangiora

My human is: Vidhi

My job is: to have babies– though no –one has ever seen me do it – no matter how hard the humans try – I always manage to have a surprise foal for the in the morning. One year the humans even tried to put a foaling alarm on to catch me out – well, I kept setting it off “accidentally” so often that the sleep deprived humans took it off me again (sniggers)

What I like: I like to do not much at all – I like the quiet life and nothing phases me much – I just cannot be bothered to get excited about silly things. This is why people say I make a good pleasure riding Haflinger… when they bother to take me riding.

What really bugs me: Just because Rianna is way bigger than me does not mean she gets to boss me around, does it! Well she does take her “lead mare” job very seriously