Things to know when buying a Haflinger in NZ – beware of impostors!

Are Haflingers a type or a purebred? Haflingers are a strictly purebred horse breed. In fact so strict that all registered Haflingers in the world can trace their pedigree back to the founding stallion Folie.

How many stallion lines are there? Out of Folie there were 7 stallion lines: A, B, M, N, S, St, W. This means all purebred male Haflingers have names starting with one of the above 7 options

How many mare lines are there? Mares’ names in NZ start with D, L, M, O, R, S. Mares’ lines can also be easily followed as all filly foals’ names must start with the same letter as their dam.

What’s the story with breeding a Haflinger? To be able to breed a Haflinger must not only be purebred but also classified. Only successful classification admits a Haflinger into the studbook.  This is particularly important when buying a stallion/colt or mare/filly.

Which Haflingers get to be registered? Only horses that are born of classified parents can be admitted for registration and for future classification.

Who can classify a Haflinger? Classification can only be performed by a suitably qualified person that is authorised by the Haflinger Horse Association New Zealand. Classification is organised through HHANZ

Does a Haflinger have papers? Every true Haflinger comes with a HHANZ registration certificate.

Is there paperwork for classification? Every classified Haflinger comes with a classification score. Stallions must be 1A (80 points out of a possible 100) classified to be admitted into the studbook. Mares can be as low as 2C.

Are there height restrictions? Stallions must be at least 140cm tall; mares must be at least 135cm tall. All mares classified after 2020 must be at least 140cm tall as this is the new international Haflinger Association expectation.

What’s so good about classifying a Haflinger? By buying a classified horse you are assured a standard of quality. A classified horse has increased value as a future breeding animal.

Who could I talk to? If in doubt contact the registrar of the Haflinger association. Contact details can be found on this website.