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BREEDER MEMBERSHIP is open to an owner of either 2 classified mares or a classified mare and a classified stallion who must be actively breeding purebred Haflingers
ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP is open to any owner of a purebred registered Haflinger in the studbook and any owner of a foal recorded purebred Haflinger.
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to anyone proved that they uphold the aims and objectives of the Association.


HHANZ classification regulations 2013

HHANZ Membership Application

HHANZ foreign horse registration 2011

HHANZ fees schedule 11 12

HHANZ crossbred foal registration 2011

HHANZ Regulations 2013

HHANZ Constitution 2013

HHANZ transfer application 2011

HHANZ purebred studbook coverpage

HHANZ purebred studbook 0809

HHANZ purebred foal registration 2011

HHANZ partbred studbook coverpage

HHANZ partbred studbook 0809